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Offering Eye Care for Every Budget

Our You & Eye Club program is a plan catering to people who are out-of-network on their insurance and are looking for more affordable options.

Many people with vision plans are paying hidden additional costs that include copays and premiums. That can mean you’re paying more money for fewer services and the cost is automatically deducted from your paycheck. Through You & Eye Club, you can get full access to eyewear, eye exams, and other eye care services at a flat rate.

Because we’ve been able to reduce admin time involved with insurance through our You & Eye Club program, our costs for our products and services can be lower. This means when we save, you save too!

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Break Free from Hidden Costs

    • NO Membership Fee: Get all your vision needs covered at a flat rate and an accessible cost.

    • NO Deductible: Get full coverage the moment you sign up.

    • NO Copay: Don’t worry about paying even a dime out of pocket for additional coverage.

    • NO Use it or Lose it: Don’t worry about losing coverage you haven’t used.

Say Hello to All-Inclusive Eye Care Services

The You & Eye Club is here to revolutionize the way you think about eye care. From comprehensive eye exams to the latest in eyewear fashion, our services are designed to cater to all your vision needs. Whether it’s prescription glasses, contact lenses, or even sunglasses, our approach provides you and your family the support you all deserve.

Learn more about the benefits the You & Eye Club offers, or get in touch today to request your appointment!

Comprehensive Family Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam is key to keeping up with your eye health and catching concerns early. Whether you’re experiencing mild symptoms or facing more serious eye concerns, we’ll get to know you and work towards prioritizing your eye health with regular checkups. A typical eye exam will include multiple tests, such as retinal imaging, to assess your eye health and catch eye diseases.

For $100, you can receive a full eye exam including retinal imaging through You & Eye Club.

A contact lens fitting is needed to determine your exact measurements for contact lenses. Not all types of contacts may be comfortable for you or suitable for your eyes, which is why a professional lens fitting is necessary. We can help you find contacts suited to your unique needs and eyes.

Existing patients can get a full contact lens fit and evaluation through You & Eye Club for $45. For new patients, evaluations, fittings, and follow-ups are $95.

Choose from a variety of frames and lenses to suit your vision needs and match your style. Our packages include a blue filter, anti-reflective coating, and a 1-year frame and lens warranty.

Don’t forget to ask us about our rebate program!

Making Eye Care Stress-Free. Join & Save Today.

We believe eye care should be convenient, stress-free, and affordable. Whether you need a routine eye exam or more specific eye care, join the You & Eye Club and save on your eye care needs.

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